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4/22/13 - Get a strange email from us lately?

We've been doing a lot of upgrades and updates and in that process we cleaned out a lot of old, inactive links that were auto submitted to the directory. When we did this - a lot of emails were sent to unsuspecting recipients stating that "Their Link had been Rejected" which of course confused a lot of people because they had never submitted a link - their link was submitted through an automated process a few years ago and we just got around to cleaning them out. So for that - we're sorry. We didn't mean to confuse anyone.

We never had your email address. The system sends out  an email to "webmaster@" which is the default for auto submitted links. The software just enters "webmaster@someaddress.com" when it doesn't have another address to send to.. So - no harm - no foul. Whatever link that was in there for you is gone now. - as is the "webmaster@someaddress.com"

So feel free to re-submit your link if you'd like to be included.
Thanks - and sorry for the confusion.

Voice Talent Spotlight

Ross Huguet - Celebrity Sound Without The Steep Price Tag
Ross' voice is described as warm, confident, captivating, compelling, convincing, direct, hypnotic and a great story teller. From quiet confidence to powerful to high energy. With 26 years experience, he is capable of providing you quality voice overs. Since this is all he does, he can offer you very fast turnaround, often times within 1 hour!!