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Spotlight your Voice Talent

Be the one who shows up on every listing and every page, every time. Feature yourself in the Voice Talent Spotlight.

The Talent Spotlight is a sponsored position and is available to any voice talent who otherwise meets the general directory criteria.
The top position is exclusive to the highest paying sponsor and will remain with the sponsor until another sponsor pays more for the position. That could be in a day, a week, a month or a year.

In the event another sponsor outbids you for the position you can simply go back and bump them out for a dollar or more and regain the slot.

All in all, you get credit for what you have paid for the slot and it will be credited toward any new amount you might pay in order to maintain exclusivity of the position. This process will continue until someone calls uncle and waves the white flag.

You'll be notified by email if someone else outbids you for the position. Until then - the position is yours and you'll continue to appear on every page on the site.

The current cost for the Talent Spotlight is $205.00. Use the payment scale below to calculate your payment for the Spotlight. To add multiple amounts use the quantity option after adding the first price to the cart.

Payment Scale

If you have any questions at all about the Talent Spotlight please contact us for more information.

Voice Talent Spotlight

Ross Huguet - Celebrity Sound Without The Steep Price Tag
Ross' voice is described as warm, confident, captivating, compelling, convincing, direct, hypnotic and a great story teller. From quiet confidence to powerful to high energy. With 26 years experience, he is capable of providing you quality voice overs. Since this is all he does, he can offer you very fast turnaround, often times within 1 hour!!