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Submission Guidelines

General Link Submissions:

This directory is for any and all things related to voice over and broadcast recording, including agencies, talent directories, equipment, hardware, software, books, manuals, training materials, seminars, studios, producers, production houses, duplication facilities and production music wholesale outlets which can be found on the web and have sites that can be linked to. The vast majority of site links in this directory are free and anyone is welcome to submit links from as many sites as they wish as long as they are related to the industry. If you wish to submit a link to the directory and feel a new category is required, please suggest a new category using the contact form on the site.

Some categories are considered advertising categories and are labeled as such. These categories are only open to those who subscribe to the fees involved for inclusion in them. Certain links may also fall under the realm of advertising and will be addressed as they come along. Currently, the two primary advertising categories are "Voice Talent Directories" and "Voice Over Training and Coaching". Please contact us if you would like more information.

Voice Talent Listing Submissions:

Anyone is welcome to submit a link to their personal voice over talent web page and have it listed in the Voice Over Listings category provided it is an actual voice over talent web site. Sites that are more advertising related or aren't categorized correctly will not be included. In a nut-shell, if you are a voice over talent and you have a page where someone can come and listen to your demos, then you can submit for a listing and will probably get it. Voice talent listings are free. 

ISDN Submissions:

Think of the ISDN listings as an ISDN phone-book. People who use the resource are going to be interested in knowing what codec you have and what the dial-up information is. So spare the fluff when it comes to these listings. Just the vitals will do. That being said...

Anyone submitting a listing in ISDN Voices must supply their codec information and dial-up numbers. We understand that some of you don't wan't the numbers public, which is silly because the only people who can dial them are people with ISDN codecs and that's not very likely given the expense. If you dont want your Dial-up numbers listed you are welcome to submit your link to the "Voice Talent Listings" section of the directory.

Submissions which do not have ISDN codec and dial up information will go in the "Voice Talent Listings" section by default. We will not list anyone in the ISDN section of the site without having the numbers in the listing. Our recommendation is to put them in your listing where people can find them. Producers don't want to go digging around for them and we'd like this to be a resource they used.

Anyone submitting a listing in ISDN Studios must supply their studio codec information and phone number, but you do not have to list your codec numbers if you don't want to. We understand why you might not want to list them, as you are far more likely to get unwanted connections from people looking for gigs, or food.
In order to be listed as an ISDN studio it must be obvious from the outside that you have ISDN and are an actual studio for hire. Talent looking for a listing in the "ISDN Studio" section must have hourly rates listed on their site or have an obious studio rental situation and approrite isolation and acoustics listed. Having an ISDN box does not make you a studio. 

Source-Connect Submissions:

We will also need your Source-Connect ID at the time of submission. If you do not want it listed publically we understand - though once again, the only people who can contact you are other Source-Connect users whom you allow to connect with you. Listing the ID publically is much akin to giving out 867-5309 as your phone number.

You need to supply us with your ID in order to get a listing in the category.


Voice Talent Spotlight

Ross Huguet - Celebrity Sound Without The Steep Price Tag
Ross' voice is described as warm, confident, captivating, compelling, convincing, direct, hypnotic and a great story teller. From quiet confidence to powerful to high energy. With 26 years experience, he is capable of providing you quality voice overs. Since this is all he does, he can offer you very fast turnaround, often times within 1 hour!!