25 Jan

The introduction in an essay

The composition of an essay, like any written work, includes three main blocks: entry, main body and conclusion. The absence of one of these components is a serious mistake. At the same time, the most difficult task is to write a good, qualitative introduction, because it determines the main mental canvas, sets the style of presentation of the material, etc. Therefore, on how well the first paragraph was written, the final impression of the work and, of course, the evaluation received for it largely depends.

The introduction is like an introductory part. It is here that the content of the topic stated in the title of the essay is disclosed, general information is given on the issue under discussion. How can I start an essay on the subject of literature? Sometimes, in the introduction, the main question of the topic is immediately given a short, exhaustive answer, which is later described in more detail. In other words, in this part of the essay it is necessary to formulate a few simple but very capacious proposals that would contain the main semantic load of the entire text.

To succeed, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. You can go the beaten paths, which have often helped your predecessors. After all, classical techniques have long been established, with the help of which it is possible to start the school essay with great success. These include:

* an excursion into the history;

* comparison;

* analytical beginning.

Historical excursus

In this case, the introduction is based on a brief description of the historical era, which is described in the work. This is particularly appropriate in the case if the novel a, respectively, and the composition, raise social or political issues relevant to the time in question.


You can also touch not only the content of the literary work, but also tell about the historical period in which it was created, the political situation in the country where the writer lived and worked. Starting from this, they proceed smoothly to the extent to which the appearance of the novel or story in question was relevant at that time, and how important it is to study this work for understanding contemporary social conflicts.

Analytical start

 Here you need not only to know deeply the material on which the composition is written, but also be able to think figuratively, build a convincing logical chain and have a good command of the word.